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Sowing Life

Social Project

“SOWING LIVES” Born in 2018 non-profit founded by, Runa Ñan Travel. Thanks to the financial support of RUNA ÑAN TRAVEL WWW.PERU-HEALING-TRAVEL.COM that it has been possible to realize one of the many dreams that we have for humanity and Mother Earth, thus being able to change the course of our lives for a better future and in harmony with nature and spirituality.

At “SOWING LIVES” We believe in the power of AYNI (Reciprocity) and trust. Through these sources we focus on making people’s dreams come true for their community or creating new dreams.

At SOWING LIVES we believe that a person without dreams is losing their spiritual and sick side.

“The Children”

At SV, we trust that children are the future so that the course of life changes. But that change depends on us others so that each child sows a seed in his heart so that in the future they flourish and give good seeds, for a universal harmonization.

“Grandparents and Grandmothers”

For SV, the grandparents and grandmothers are a very valuable source for the conservation of ancestral traditions in the communities, through our projects children have the opportunity to learn from their knowledge of their lives, thanks to the trips organized by RUNA ÑAN TRAVEL, have the opportunity to travel and share their knowledge so that each child can strengthen their ancestral roots and continue to sow ancestral traditions.

“Our Projects”

“SOWING LIVES” is committed to recovering and creating renewable resources for the benefit of communities and humanity, we focus on plants, water, animals, people, spiritual traditions … through AYNI AND TRUST, it is possible to achieve many dreams.


For three years we have been able to share and recover ancestral traditions, Thanks to all the friends who traveled with RUNA ÑAN TRAVEL and who are now part of this great community as families, Thanks to the SOWING LIVES team so that the activities could be carried out with success.