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Pilgrimage Solar in Titicaca Lake 4D / 3N

– Haylli TeteQaq’a 

In the life of a spiritual being there are many pilgrimages one of them is the pilgrimage of the sun or the search for the solar disk, our pre-Inca and Inca grandparents made pilgrimage trips to the sacred lake to be reborn and find the solar disk.

Day 01: Cusco – Raqchi – Pukara – Puno Llachon

We left very early from your hotel to Lake TITICACA, in our private environment passing through different ceremonial centers. RAQCHI, the first ceremonial center for mother seeds and the connection portal between TITICACA and CUSCO. We will share the sacred leaves of the coca with the spirits and guardians of this sacred place so that they can open the energy channels that lead to the heart of the sacred lake. We will also have time to see the ceramics of the RAQCHI community, following our trip we arrived at the MARANGANI district for our lunch. We continue our journey through many communities and we will have time to take pictures of snow and mountains, reaching the community of Pukara where we can appreciate the famous Toritas de Pukara multicolored craft typical of this community. Finally, we continue with our trip to the community of Llachon – Puno approximately 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Llachon is on the shores of Lake Titicaca, after dinner we will have a small campfire (depending on the weather).

Day 02: Llachon – Island of Takile – Floating Islands of Uros – Puno

We close our eyes and breathe deeply with our coca leaves until we feel the life and essence of the sacred lake.

After breakfast we will board our private boat about 2 hours to the island of TAKILE where we can see the island covered with Inca terraces where ancestral seeds are still grown. TAKILE, even preserve its traditions and fabrics and its stone streets throughout the island. We will visit a family house where we will have our lunch, then we will walk in its stone streets to the other side of the island where we will board our boat. We continue navigating to the floating islands of UROS, we will visit a family where they will show us their way of life and their traditions, crafts, hunting, fishing and egg collection. Finally, we boarded our boat to navigate to the city of PUNO, where our private service is waiting for us to head to their hotel. We arrived at approximately 5:00 p.m.

Day 03: Puno – Aramu Muru – Chucuito – Puno

After breakfast our pilgrimage continues to the interdimensional portal of Aramu Muru (in the pre-Inca language is called WILQ’A UTA) we travel along the shores of Lake TITICACA passing through diverse communities where they grow the QUINUA and CAÑIHUA and other products. We reach the inter dimensional portal where we will open our hearts and do some exercises, then we will do a meditation walk until we reach the energy deposits of our grandparents, we will also have the opportunity to make a small offering for the guardian spirits of the dimensional portal, we return to CHUCUITO, center of fertility where life begins for all. Finally, we return to PUNO where we can lunch and explore the city center and in the afternoon we go to your hotel.

Day 04: Puno – Juliaca Airport

Our pilgrimage in the Sacred Lake comes to an end, we are ready with new energies and knowledge to return home or for a new adventure. We travel approximately 2 hours from the city of Puno to Julica Airport.



Spiritual Guide (English – Español – Ancestral language)

Private transportation

Ticket to Raqchi

Ticket to Pukara

Private boat

Ticket to Taquile island

Ticket to Aramu Muro

Ticket to Chuito

Meal 2 lunch, 3 breakfast, 1 Dinner

Water only 2 days

Not Included:

Beverages and food not mentioned in the itinerary

Travel insure


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