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Vinicunca Full Day

The Rainbow Mountain

We will leave very early from Cusco on this pilgrimage to the sacred mountains. Guardians of the Andean people, we will pass through many Quechua speaking communities, where we will have the opportunity to share and learn this ancestral language with the help of our spiritual guide, who speaks Quechua. After approximately three hours in our private transport, we prepare for our meditation walk to the rainbow mountain Vinicunca we will see Llammas and Alpacas. We say HAYLLI in the Inca language, while we share the sacred leaves (MAMACOCA) with the mountain spirits while we observe the different colors of the mountain and we smoke the sacred tobacco at about 5000 meters above sea level with the cosmic energies of the mountains. In the afternoon we return to take our private transport where we will have our delicious box lunch with our coca tea. Finally, we will return to Cusco.



Spiritual Guide (English – Español – Ancestral language)

Private transportation

Ticket to the Rainbow mountain park

Box lunch

Not Included:

Beverages and food not mentioned in the itinerary

Travel insure


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