Recommendations to Travel to Peru

What do I need to go to the airport?

All passengers must wear a disposable surgical mask, mask or protective glasses at all times, in addition to presenting their identity card and passport (in the case of international flights), boarding pass (printed or electronic) or their reservation.

If I feel sick, can I travel?

If you have any symptoms related to Covid-19 or physical discomfort, you should not go to the airport. Passengers with a body temperature higher than 38ºC will not be allowed to enter. You must contact your airline to reschedule your flight.

Can I go with someone to the airport?

No, only the passenger must go to the airport, without an escort. People who need some kind of special assistance or are minors may enter, exceptionally, with only one companion.

What measures is the airport taking with the passengers?

To enter you must wear masks permanently and not present any symptoms related to Covid-19 or physical discomfort. At the entrances of the airport the temperature will be taken and shoes and luggage will be disinfected. Inside the airport you must maintain a social distance.

How far in advance can I go to the airport?

Only passengers whose flight is scheduled within the next 2 hours for domestic cases and 4 hours for international cases will be able to enter the airport.

What measures have been taken to prevent contagion within the airport?

We have arranged for the periodic disinfection of all the spaces within the terminal, as well as the contact points. The capacity of all environments has been reduced. Alcohol dispensers, toilets, footbaths, acrylic protectors, as well as thermal cameras have been installed. Communication campaigns have been carried out in permanent coordination to protect passengers, users and collaborators from COVID-19 and prevention posters have been installed throughout the airport.

Can I buy at the airport?

Yes, businesses will be attended progressively according to the phase and type of business. It should be noted that all establishments are required to comply with strict protection measures against Covid-19.

Is the Findings Office authorized?

The Office of Findings will be disabled for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. All objects left on the premises of Jorge Chávez International Airport, regardless of their value, will be permanently disposed of. Take care of your belongings.

Do I have to present a molecular test when I leave the country?

No molecular test is required. Each passenger is responsible for checking the requirements of the destination country. Travelers with signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 detected prior to boarding (two or more of the following: cough, malaise, sore throat, fever, nasal congestion, loss of smell, loss of taste, difficulty breathing) will be diagnosed as suspected cases of COVI D-19 and will not be permitted to make the trip.

What do I have to present to travel to Peru?

In international flights to enter Peruvian territory, the passenger must present the airline in his country of origin:

All passengers must have a negative result of the RT-PCR test in real time, with up to 72 hours of age the result of the RT-PCR test (-), antigenic test (-) or high epidemiological medical certificate issued before boarding the plane. Attach laboratory result (PDF or image format). In the case of children (under 12 years old), they only need to have a medical certificate of good health.

The “Electronic Affidavit of Health, and commitment to isolation or quarantine of the traveler”, which can be found on the website of the National Superintendence of Migration (https://e-notificacion.migraciones.gob.pe/ dj-health /)

Both documents mentioned above should be kept since they can also be requested in Peruvian territory.